Hormone Free Grass Fed Whey Isolate Musel feast

Hormone Free Grass Fed Whey Isolate

Hormone Free Grass Fed Whey Isolate

All natural All Natural

  • 24-25.5 grams (depends on flavor) of high-quality protein per 28 gram serving - 90% Protein
  • Sourced from cows that are certified to be grass fed
  • No artificial hormones or antibiotics (rBGH & rBST free)
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten & lactose-free
  • Undenatured, cold microfiltered, & ultrafiltration processed
  • 6.4 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving
  • No additives or artificial ingredients
  • Beta-Lactoglobulin - 52%
  • Alpha-Lactalbumin - 20%
  • Bovine Serum Albumin - 2.0%
  • Immunoglobulin - 4.0%
  • Lactoferrin - <1.0%
  • Lactoperoxidase - <1.0%
  • Glycomacropeptide - 20%

Contains No:

Artificial hormones or antibiotics
Whey Protein Isolate

What is it?
Whey Isolates are 90-98% pure protein that digests and absorbs rapidly and is, gram for gram, one of the highest quality forms of protein available. This level of purity is achieved through a cold, cross micro and ultrafiltration process that removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while also filtering out fat, lactose, and ash.
What does the research say?
Studies suggest that whey isolates can quickly increase amino acid levels in systemic circulation and stimulate robust increases in protein synthesis; arguably the most important physiological factor in existence when it comes to muscle growth, strength, and recovery.
Who is it best for?
Since whey isolates are low in carbs, lactose-free, fat-free, cholesterol free, and gluten free; it makes it the perfect choice for those watching their calories, low-carb dieters, and lactose intolerant individuals. People who want only the highest quality of proteins should stick with a whey isolate.
How quickly does it digest/absorb and raise amino acid levels?
When consumed, whey isolates elevate amino acid concentrations in the blood above baseline after ~20 minutes and peak out at ~60 minutes, followed by a gradual decline that can last up to 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the dose taken.
When is the best time to take it?
Whey isolate is best taken 30-60 minutes pre-workout and immediately post workout to maximize muscle protein synthesis.  It can also be consumed throughout the day or between meals to meet individual protein requirements.


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